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Predictive Index

This first post will begin a series of an explanations of the many employee assessments available. Many of them are very similar and the search can be confusing. I will not compare them to Profiles International Assessments which I represent. Instead I will simply present their information. I will let you make the comparisons.

Predictive Index (PI)
“People Smart, Results Driven”
Features and Benefits
PI Worldwide is a privately held international management consulting company with
headquarters in Massachusetts. The company’s management team includes recognized experts in organizational development, psychology, research, management consulting and employee
relations. They have licensed consultants in offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, South
America, Africa, Dubai, Asia, Australia, and India.
The Predictive Index is published by Praendex Incorporated, the parent company of PI
Worldwide. Praendex has a support organization for clients and consultants around the world.
PI Worldwide has enjoyed steady growth dating back to 1955, when the late Arnold S. Daniels, a young entrepreneur from Boston with a background in statistics, founded the company. His goal was to use the then-emerging science of behavioral assessment to help companies make
important decisions concerning people at work.
Arnold S. Daniels, author of the Predictive Index®, and founder of the company, was born and
raised in the Boston area, He began his career working for the Boston newspaper, The Record-
American. In 1942, Daniels enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps.
Following combat duty, Daniels began working with a psychologist and was introduced to the
subject of tests and measurements. He learned about their design and application and later took a course in "Management & Statistics" at the Harvard Graduate Business School.
Returning to civilian life, Daniels realized he was more interested in psychological tests and
measurements than he was in journalism. He consecutively went to work for two consulting
firms, both involved in the general areas of organization development and personnel
management. He was particularly interested in behavioral tests and measurements and their
workplace applications.
Between 1952 and 1955, Daniels developed a prototype assessment instrument which he called
the Predictive Index. He also formulated a training process for making the survey's results
understandable and useable by business managers. In 1955, he founded Arnold S. Daniels
Associates, and began to sell his new system, complete with a five-day training course.
Following a statistical study of collected data, Daniels refined the PI norms in 1971 and changed
the company’s name to Praendex Incorporated.
PI Worldwide is certified as an Approved Provider by the International Association of
Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and the Human Resource Certification Institute
(HRCI). PI’s training programs are recognized as being of the highest quality, and qualify for
IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as well as HRCI recertification credit hours.

PI methodology
Subjects are asked to indicate which words in a list of adjectives are those that other people
might use to describe their behavior. Then they are to pick the words that describe what they
really are like. This method is used by a number of DiSC-based tests.
These are the words used by the Predictive Index: Helpful, Relaxed, Exciting, Assertive, Patient, Conscientious, Sophisticated, Persistent, Earnest, Outstanding, Sympathetic, Loyal, Self-starter, Conventional, Eloquent, Cynical, Passive, Gentle, Brave, Appealing, Thoughtful, Self-assured, Steady, Competitive, Fashionable, Neat, Audacious, Polished, Fearful, Esteemed, Worrying, Sentimental, Adventurous, Easy Going, Unassuming, Good mixer, Agreeable, Well-liked, Docile, Demanding, Charitable, Persuasive, Careful, Satisfied, Understanding, Spirited,
Congenial, Obedient, Cheerful, Obstinate, Convincing, Responsive, Neighborly, Selfish,
Reserved, Serious, Persevering, Calm, Popular, Polite, Dynamic, Good-humored, Escapist,
Generous, Unobtrusive, Daring, Tolerant, Nice, Compelling, Resolute, Tranquil, Cultured,
Dominant, Respectful, Nonchalant, Flexible, Attractive, Trusting, Eager, Shy, Fussy, Versatile,
Amiable, Diplomatic, Self-centered, Consistent

Primary Scales
The Predictive Index has four scales:
• Dominance
• Extroversion
• Patience
• Precision.
Scores are charted as points on a scale that are connected by lines in what often looks like a
checkmark, a “V” or a zigzag pattern. Sometimes the line is almost straight, linking the highest
score and the lowest. The relative positions of the four points on the scale and the pattern formed by the connecting lines are used to predict a subject’s job behaviors.

Occupational Scales
• Production Supervisors
• Administrative Support
• Production
• Line Management
• Staff Management
• Field Sales

The Predictive Index Process
The Predictive Index process is a combination of assessment, education and consulting, applied
across all levels of an organization as an indicator of workplace behavior. It’s a managerial
assessment tool that provides insight into the natural workplace behaviors of prospective and
existing employees. It’s aim is improved hiring decisions, team performance, overall
communication, and workforce productivity.

A key element of the PI process is the education of key managers in the interpretation and use of Predictive Index data. In the PI Management Workshop, managers become skilled at working with all the elements of PI and gain insights into the many ways it is used to improve
performance throughout a business.
PI Worldwide has a global team of experienced professionals who offer advice and assistance –
from in-depth interpretation of PI results to consulting on a wide range of business issues.
The Predictive Index instrument appears to be a simple adjective checklist. For all its apparent
simplicity, however, the Predictive Index (PI) is a sophisticated instrument that's been
scientifically validated to be a reliable predictor of work-related behavior.

Predictive Index is intended to give employers confidence in their hiring decisions, reduce
employee turnover, and avoid potential conflicts by knowing how well a prospective employee
works with others. The PI is used to:
• Find people who complement a company’s strengths
• Build strong teams
• Define job requirements
• Attract the best candidates
• Select and hire the right people
• Plan for future growth
• Develop employees’ talents
• Deal effectively with conflict
• Motivate employees
• Retain valuable employees

PRO (Performance Requirement Options)
The purpose of the PRO instrument is to analyze job requirements. The PRO worksheet provides a road map for the various positions in an organization, providing insight into the behaviors and drives necessary for superior performance.
The PRO and the Predictive Index work together. The PRO defines specific behaviors that lead
to effective performance in a particular job, given the realities of an organization’s methods,
markets, processes and management. It describes the drives and behaviors that are necessary for success, and also provides insight into similarities and differences that might exist in various
individuals’ approaches to the same job.
An individual's PI results are compared to the needs of the job, highlighting both fits and gaps.
Better-informed selection, coaching, performance management and leadership decisions are the goals of this process.

Technical Facts
The Predictive Index was developed and validated in compliance with Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines, as well as the professional standards established
by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society of Industrial &
Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

PI Worldwide has a library of over 400 criterion-related job validity studies covering multiple
jobs, industries and countries which document the instrument's validity and usefulness in the
business world.
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I am a Predictive Index consultant covering Florida and would be happy to provide a sample of the PI to anyone in our state who is interested in understanding more about this tool.

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Steve Waterhouse said...

We now also represent Predictive Index (PI) in Georgia with offices in Atlanta.

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